VLC 2019 Tryouts

26 May 2019 by John Lee

VLC is proud to announce our annual August tryouts. We will select ONE team per grade for the Class of 2021-2029. VLC conducts ONE tryout per year, and the team subsequently formed will train and compete from Fall 2019 through Summer 2020.

- new teams: Class of 2027, 2028 and 2029
- there will be NO tryout fee for any 2029s

Our youth tryouts will include three sessions from August 12 – 18; our HS tryouts will include three sessions from August 13 – 18. While we recommend attending as many sessions as possible, it is fine if one can only attend 1 or 2 sessions. If you are interested in VLC but cannot attend any of the three sessions, please send an email to vlcbluecrabs@gmail.com indicating your interest.

There is an open competition for every roster spot on every team, and all current players must try out for their respective team in August. VLC focuses on developing individual skills and teaching team concepts needed to be an impactful player. Our youth program focuses on skill development and learning how to win as a team in preparation for HS. Our HS program focuses on preparing players to excel at the highest levels, and maximizing exposure at the best recruiting events. Since our inception in 2009, 154 Blue Crabs have committed to collegiate programs while playing for VLC, including 96 from VLC 2015-2018.

This will be the largest and most competitive tryout in club history. We look forward to seeing you in August. #crabnation

All tryouts will take place at George Mason University at either at Field 3, Field 4 or the RAC Field.

- Field 3 (turf) and 4 (grass) are located at 4605 Rapidan River Road in Fairfax, VA. We highly recommend entering from Braddock Road. Your GPS may indicate entering from University Boulevard, but that entrance is often locked. Field 4 is to the leftt of the pavilion at Rapidan River Road, and Field 3 is to the left of Field 4. There is ample parking either along Rapidan River Road, or the large parking lot across from the tennis courts.

- RAC Field is located at 4535 Patriot Cir in Fairfax, VA. Please park in the parking lot across the street next to the basketball courts.

- Will be provided shortly

- Tryout registration can be done here: www.bit.ly/vlctryouts2019signup

VLC tryouts are open to all, and we encourage spreading the word.

- If you would like to share our downloadable tryout flyer, it can be downloaded here: www.bit.ly/vlctryouts2019flyer

- If you would like to share tryout information with others, please share this link: www.bit.ly/vlctryouts2019

2021 (Rising 11th)
- 8/13. 7:30p-9p. Field 3
- 8/15. 7:30p-9p. Field 4
- 8/18. 9a-10:30a. Field 3

2022 (Rising 10th)
- 8/13. 7:30p-9p. RAC Field
- 8/15. 7:30p-9p. RAC Field
- 8/18. 10:30a-12p. Field 3

2023 (Rising 9th)
- 8/13. 6p-7:30p. RAC Field
- 8/15. 6p-7:30p. RAC Field
- 8/18. 12p-1:30p. Field 3

2024 (Rising 8th)
- 8/12. 7:30p-9p. Field 4
- 8/14. 7:30p-9p. Field 4
- 8/18. 1:30p-3p. RAC Field
2025 (Rising 7th)
- 8/12. 6p-7:30p. Field 4
- 8/14. 6p-7:30p. Field 4
- 8/18. 12p-1:30p. RAC Field

2026 (Rising 6th)
- 8/12. 7:30p-9p. RAC Field
- 8/14. 7:30p-9p. RAC Field
- 8/18. 10:30a-12p. RAC Field

2027 (Rising 5th)
- 8/12. 6p-7:30p. RAC Field
- 8/14. 6p-7:30p. RAC Field
- 8/18. 9a-10:30a. RAC Field

2028 (Rising 4th)
- 8/13. 6p-7:30p. Field 3
- 8/15. 6p-7:30p. Field 4
- 8/18. 1:30p-3p. Field 4

2029 (Rising 3rd)
- 8/13. 6p-7:30p. Field 3
- 8/15. 6p-7:30p. Field 4
- 8/18. 1:30p-3p. Field 4

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