2019 VLC Icebreaker Tournament

23 Jan 2019 by John Lee

VLC is proud to announce the inaugural VLC Icebreaker Tournament. The VLC Icebreaker Tournament offers recreational teams a fun and competitive event to prepare for the Spring 2019 season.

VLC supports the mission of recreational lacrosse: kids having fun and getting better with friends from the neighborhood. Further, VLC believes any club lacrosse player benefits from the different roles and responsibilities resulting from playing for his recreational team.

- The VLC Icebreaker Tournament has Boys 14U A, 14U B, 12U A, 12U B, 10UA FF and 8U MF divisions. In addition to the benefit to illuminating each recreational team’s strengths and weaknesses entering Spring 2019, the VLC Icebreaker Tournament offers a unique experience to recreational teams.

- Any Boys 14U, 12U, 10U and/or 8U recreational team. Every player on every team must be registered with US Lacrosse and/or be covered by a liability insurance policy, and must have at last one Head Coach. Entered teams do not have to be exact replicas of a Spring 2019 recreational team. Teams are allowed to combine players from different teams and/or clubs as long as every player meets US Lacrosse age-eligibility requirements.
- As of 3/14/19, the tournament includes 30 rec teams representing 14 different rec clubs.

- Saturday, March 16, 2019, and Sunday, March 17, 2019

- Arrowhead Park (5200 Arrowhead Park Dr, Centreville, VA). Field 1 (Turf) and Field 3 (Turf).

- Early bird registration fee of $450/team for 14U, 12U & 10U divisions if registered by 2/17.
- $500/team for 14U, 12U & 10U divisions if registered on 2/18 or later
- $300/team for 8U division

- Purchase a registration ticket for each team here: www.bit.ly/vlcicebreaker2019registration

- VLC has created a tournament t-shirt available for $20
- Front: www.bit.ly/vlcicebreaker2019front
- Back: www.bit.ly/vlcicebreaker2019back
- Quantities are limited and we expect to sell out.
- VLC will offer Chick-fil-A sandwiches, bottled water and sport drinks on Saturday. Bottled Water and sports drinks will be available on Sunday, and possibly something to eat as well.

- This is a progression tournament with either four-team or eight-team divisions. 14U B, 12U B, 10U A & 8U are four-team divisions where every team will play each team in the division once. 14U A and 12U A are 8-team divisions, and all teams are ranked by subjective criteria.
Winners will advance while losers will play consolation games.

14U, 12U & 10U divisions
- Two 18-minute halves
- One 2-minute halftime
- One 1-minute timeout per game per team
- Braveheart if tied score after regulation (see below)

8U Modified Field divisions
- Modified field dimensions (two games on opposite ends of the field running simultaneously)
- Four 6-minute quarters
- 2-minute breaks between the quarters
- No timeouts
- No score will be kept

- Game time is running, and handled by the table
- Penalty time is stop/start, and handled by the table

- With the exceptions listed below, we will be using 2019 NVYLL rules: www.bit.ly/2019NVYLL
- Summary sheet: www.bit.ly/nvyllsheet

- No stick checks
- Ties after regulation will be decided by a braveheart (see below)
- Any player or coach involved in a fight will be banned from the remainder of the tournament, and must leave the facility immediately
- Any spectator who verbally abuses and/or is involved in altercation with a player, coach, official and/or fellow spectator will be banned from the remainder of the tournament, and must leave the playing field
- Scores and game result as determined by the scorekeeper is final. No challenges will be reviewed.

- If tied score after regulation, IMMEDIATE braveheart
- 1 goalie and 1 field player
- Goalie may not cross midfield
- No timeouts



- A Medstar athletic trainer will be present at both days at Tournament HQ
- WALOA officials will officiate the tournament, and because this is a preseason opportunity to prepare for the Spring 2019 youth season, some games may include trainee officials. Game 11 in the 14U A and 12U A divisions will not include trainees.

- If you wish to spread the word to others, please download a flyer to share here:

- If you would like share information about the VLC Icebreaker Tournament, everything can be found here: www.bit.ly/vlcicebreaker2019

- If you are an interested recreational Head Coach, please ask your recreational club leadership to contact VLC (vlcbluecrabs@gmail.com)

Thank you. We look forward to seeing everyone on 3/16 and 3/17.

VLC Leadership


5200 Arrowhead Park Dr, Centreville, VA

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