VLC Baseball Caps with Embroidered Jersey #

15 May 2018 by John Lee

VLC is offering VLC baseball caps embroidered with your son’s jersey number. Because of the Nike Swoosh on cap’s back, we cannot include your last name as we had hoped. The embroidered # is on the left side panel in the new VLC font, and looks sweet. See the main photo in this article.

Here are the options:

1. If you have a VLC cap or recently ordered one, the cost for embroidery is $6, which is dirt cheap. The caps from the Spring 2018 store should be arriving any day. We are embroidering VLC baseball caps only – no bucket hats, visors or non-VLC baseball caps.

2. If you do not have a cap and did not order one, I have eleven (11) white caps and eight (8) red caps for immediate sale. The white caps are similar to the blue caps; the red caps are different. If you want the cap only, the cost is $25. If you want to order an embroidered cap, the cost is $31. The blue and red caps will be embroidered with white thread; the white caps will be embroidered with blue. You can see what the white and red caps look like here: www.bit.ly/2Krshew.

I am collecting caps and/or payments beginning at Sunday’s practice (5/20). You can also give me caps/payments whenever you see me, as I will be giving them to the embroiderer in batches. The FINAL collection will be on Sunday, 6/10, in order to hopefully have them all finished before the first tournament. CASH ONLY, please.

If you want to order a cap, or have any questions, please send an email to vlcbluecrabs@gmail.com – do NOT send me a Team App private message. First come, first served.

This is the list of people who have already asked for an embroidered cap. If I made any mistakes, please send an email to vlcbluecrabs@gmail.com.


James Aldinger (Nancy) 2 caps
Joey Annetta (Len) 1 cap
Aaron Arbore (Chris) 1 cap
Troy Capstraw (Jason) ?
Noah Cordle (Andrea) several?
Cole DeFreitas (Maury) Needs one (color?)
Patrick Ferguson (Patricia) several?
Conor Hallivis (Rob) 1 cap
Will Hart (Erin) several?
Justin Posey (Jeff) several?
Aidan Schiefer (Dorie) Needs one (color?)
Austin Sydnor (Adam) Needs ones (color?)
Jack Wheatley (Chris) 2 (1 white, 1 blue)
Garrett Wing (Debbie) 1 cap

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