24 Dec 2017 by John Lee

In the spirit of the holidays, useful advice from the Blue Crabs to all.

12 Days of VLC, Day 12. Embrace the Contact by Coach Kelly (VLC 2020 AC, played at Mary Washington)

Recent rules have removed certain hits to make the game safer for all. Lacrosse, however, remains a physical game, and should be played as such. Playing with physical intensity helps your team because it makes your opponent uncomfortable and more prone to mistakes. It is important that everyone adopts this mentality. For example, when your opponent has the ball, everyone on the team is a defenseman. Being able to ride physically is a must for all attackmen. Middies must play physically as they are on an island with a short stick. Defensemen who don’t initiate contact allow the opposing attack to dictate the game. Embrace the contact, and make your opponent uncomfortable and unsure. #crabnation

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