23 Dec 2017 by John Lee

In the spirit of the holidays, useful advice from the Blue Crabs to all.

12 Days of VLC, Day 11: Learn to Self Coach by Coach Haley (VLC Program Director, VLC 2021 HC, played at Towson Lacrosse).

The most important words in lacrosse are the ones you say to yourself. Coaches can tell you something thousands of times, but if you are not telling yourself to do those things, it will take you much longer to make improvements, if at all. This applies both to practice and games. In practice, try and recall what coaches have told you, and combine that with the results you achieve through repetition. For example, if a coach says you are dropping your shoulder when you shoot, tell yourself to remain balanced when shooting, and if you notice something that helps you achieve more consistent results, remind yourself of that between reps as well.

In games, try and recall the most common things coaches have said to you. Whether it is to ride harder, approach with more balance, turn the corner or finish across the cage, remind yourself of those things and you are significantly more likely to do them. Be non-negative: negativity brings you down, and positivity can be unrealistic. Instead of “I suck because I dropped that pass” (negative) or “It’s ok that I dropped that pass” (positive), a better approach is “I wiill get a ground ball and catch the next pass” (non-negative).

The time to start self-coaching is now. #crabnation

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