21 Dec 2017 by John Lee

In the spirit of the holidays, useful advice from the Blue Crabs to all.

12 Days of VLC, Day 9: Be a Stick Doctor by Coach Marson (VLC 2021 AC, played at Mary Washington).

Is your stick throwing into the dirt? Sailing high? It’s often your form, but learning how to string your own twig, and why it does what it does, will improve your game. Instead of relying on a friend or spending money at the lacrosse store, become your own Stick Doctor. Buy a spool of sidewall string and a few pieces of mesh, and string it over and over until you’re happy with it. Your first job will not be pretty, but try using YouTube as guide. Search for a video of someone stringing your particular lacrosse head, and mirror it. Besides saving money, you’ll be able to adjust your head exactly how you like it.

I highly recommend the ECD Lacrosse YT channel: www.bit.ly/2BVwGWn.


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