19 Dec 2017 by John Lee

In the spirit of the holidays, useful advice from the Blue Crabs to all.

12 Days of VLC, Day 7: Never Skip Leg Day by Coach Dico (VLC HS Coordinator, VLC 2020 HC, played for Ohio State)

Strong legs and good footwork are the keystones of building a great defenseman. A good defensive stance, efficient and strong drop step, and the ability to sideways run are extremely important fundamentals for a defender to master, and they are built from the ground up with two strong legs!

For youth players, body weight exercises such as squat jumps, lunges and box jumps are great ways to improve leg strength and stability.
For HS players, your team should have a lifting program very focused on building a strong base and core. But lacrosse training has evolved to include a much more dynamic lifting regimen with more Olympic lifts and combination exercises. Here is a good bodyweight workout for your legs: www.bbcom.me/2oPBpUo.

Don’t build your house on sand! #crabnation

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