18 Dec 2017 by John Lee

In the spirit of the holidays, useful advice from the Blue Crabs to all.

Day 6: Achieving Greatness by Coach Buller (VLC Founder, VLC 2023 AC, played at the University of Pennsylvania)

Lacrosse is simply a game, but it can offer you greatness. It will help you realize your strengths and weakness, not just on the field but who you are off of it. What you choose to do with this recognition will define your path in life. So every time you step on the field, don’t just work on your game – work on your strength and learn about yourself. Push yourself harder and faster. By doing this, you will teach yourself how to push through adversity and work towards achieving wonderful goals you set for yourself no matter what you choose to do.

I believe that there are three paths to ‘greatness.’ Some are just born with an innate ability – they are born being great at something. Others are not born with great talent, but push through and work harder and will not be denied. Then there are those who are born with great ability and outwork everyone else. These people become legends. Let lacrosse teach you about yourself. Defeat your weaknesses and work towards achieving your own greatness. #crabnation

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